Henry Rollins - Talking From The Box. (Intro.)

In his books and in interviews, Rollins is sceptical and dismissive of academics and researchers who read his body of work as texts worthy of scientific investigation. I aim to do a sociology of Rollins because his use of humour provides a fascinating critique of the experience of alienation in American society (anomie) and his changing performance of masculinity within the music industry is also interesting. Rollins is self-reflexive and political. He is a unique social commentator specifically because he works across many fields: he is a musician, a writer, a poet, a spoken word performer, publisher, radio and TV host, world traveller, social activist, and entrepreneur.

If you haven’t watched Talking From the Box and you’re interested in music, sociology or the art of words, I highly recommend it. He never once utters fillers in his speech. I’ve seen him a dozen times and he doesn’t say ‘like’, ‘um’ or ‘ah’ once during his two hour shows. He swears a lot though. Enjoy this clip, and hunt down the rest of the video. More on Rollins from me in the near future.

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