Beastie Boys - So Whatcha Want?

Goin’ from mic to mic kickin’ it wall to wall

Well I’ll be calling out you people like a casting call

RIP Adam Yauch - a rap virtuoso. Co-Create has a great feature on Yauch’s achievements beyond his music with the Beastie Boys. It includes links to his documentaries as well as information about his film company that produced dark and thought-provoking movies such as Wendy and Lucy and We Need to Talk About Kevin. Yauch was a multi-media innovator, taking many investment risks by setting up his own label along with Mike D and Ad-Rock. I remember reading how when Grand Royal folded in 2001, the Beastie Boys said they couldn’t compete with larger labels if they wanted to keep producing original music that treated the artists ethically. Everything about Yauch’s achievements and growth as a public figure is impressive. The world is so much poorer without this creative force.

Image: Rap Up.