Ever wonder what a refugee camp looks like? Photos by the United Nations

The Australian office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) writes:

Ever wonder what a refugee camp looks like?

One of the first things that people need after being forced to flee their homes, whether they be refugees or internally displaced, is some kind of a roof over their head.

The following photos are from the UNHCR Life in a Refugee Camp Flickr stream.

Refugees from Kosovo after a food distribution. Albania / UNHCR / R. Chalasani / 04.1999. (UNHCR, Flickr).

Because there are no regular schools at the Teknaf site, children from Burma read the Koran in a madrassa, or religious learning institute. © UNHCR/G.M.B.Akash/June 2006. (UNHCR, Flickr)

Refugee girls from Sudan’s Darfur region walk through the tent alleys in Kounoungou camp, eastern Chad. UNHCR just tranfered them and their families from the Birak area, located dangerously only 5 kms away from the border with Sudan. Kounoungou camp, March 13, 2008. / UNHCR / H. Caux. (UNHCR, Flickr)

Refugees from Kosovo settle spontaneously in a makeshift camp in the no man’s land at border between Macedonia and Kosovo, near Blace. / Arrival / / UNHCR / H. J. Davies / April 1999. (UNHCR, Flickr)

Lab Technician Abiyu Tsegaye Gebre, 30 years old, is proceeding a blood test on a refugee in the Health center in Kebribeyah refugee camp, Ethiopia. This Health center was funded by UNHCR.  UNHCR / F. Courbet / December 2008. (UNHCR, Flickr)


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