The mysteries of Tumblr…

So I wrecked my blog last week by screwing around with the html because I somehow decided that I could tackle code… Then, when I couldn’t fix it after many hours and various attempts, I inwardly resorted to locking myself in my mind’s phone booth and screaming a la Ron Burgundy. A day later, playing around with code some more, I managed to fix it but only so that it looked slightly-less-completely-crap. My blog looked lopsided for days and I considered various options:

  • internal combustion
  • going Firestarter on the html’s arse - both the Drew Barrymore and Prodigy kind and then yelling ‘the shit is on fire show’ (a la Henry Rollins Talking From The Box)
  • playing Set the Fire to the Third Bar by Snow Patrol and crying
  • playing anything by Porno for Pyros, crying and thinking about how to best set my blog html on fire
  • and other fire-related and axe-hacking metaphorical events which I would never endorse in real life but are fun to think about in relation to html. And then…

…Then I noticed yesterday that my blog has been magically fixed. By some non-fire related magic. Baby unicorn magic maybe. Keyser Söze stuff (although he also set shit on fire). This is what I know about the mystery of Tumblr:

Tumblr is a mysterious and powerful device, whose mystery is only exceeded by its power

However and whomever fixed my theme: The Continuum Transfunctioner ain’t got nothin’ on you and on Tumblr.

(Images: The Good Phight, Gifsoup and St Firestarter.)