What always appealed to me about it [The Mist] was: okay here’s this story about monsters, basically, on the surface of it. Underneath Steve King was telling a completely different story. He was telling a story about the fragility of human behaviour under pressure. What he was saying was that civilisation is a very thin veneer and it can crumble very quickly -especially when you apply fear. People turn against one another when subjected to stress and fear.
It winds up being a great sociological contest for how we are as a species. How screwed up we are, how fearful we are. And that’s what Steve put on the page and that’s what I put on the screen.

Frank Darabont, Director of The Mist, talks about the sociology in Stephen King’s horror story. Awesome.

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The Ramones (1983) Pet Sematary.

Much as I love the song - I also don’t want to be buried there.

If you ever wondered why The Ramones and Stephen King spell pet cemetery with a ‘s’ and an ‘a’, then you haven’t read the book… and neither have I, so you’re in good company. The reason why this is the case is because the kids misspell the sign they make for the cemetery in the book. King apparently explains that he saw this misspelling on a sign near his home in Maine, and incorporated this into his story.