Street music in Istanbul.

Source: Vine by Buseeguldal.

Genie Love from Hans Hansen on Vimeo.

A super catchy musical performance in Barcelona, Spain, featuring a scratch guitar and beatboxing. This music will run loops in your brain, I promise.

Film by: Hans Hansen. Genie Love.

Via: One Day on Earth 10/10/10.

Semáforos from Capi Baigorria on Vimeo.

Street performers in Lima, Peru, mime, dance and do acrobatics at street intersections.

Film by: Capi Baigorria. Semáforos.

En los semáforos de Lima, jóvenes locales y mochileros de otros países entretienen a los choferes y pasajeros por unas monedas. Algunos buscan lo necesario para sobrevivir ese día, otros lo necesario para seguir viajando.

The traffic lights of Lima, local youth and backpackers from other countries entertain drivers and passengers for a few coins. Some seek the necessities to survive that day, others need to continue traveling.

Via: One Day on Earth 10/10/10.